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Globe Outsourcing LLP is a well established group of Indian attorneys specialized in providing diversified technology enabled qualitative and cost effective End-to-End Legal Process Outsourcing Services of international standards to multinational corporations, legal firms, onshore LPO vendors, discovery companies, consulting firm’s and legal publishing houses since 2020.

Today, almost one third of the legal cost of a company or a legal firm is spent on the repetitive, non-core and routine work besides high end and complexed legal services. Here comes Globe Outsourcing LLP in the picture whose tagline is to “ Your partners in growth ” Globe Outsourcing LLP adds greater strategic value through fully managed legal services to staff augmentation by acting as a “Offshore Virtual Extended Legal Department” of its clients with its innovative and transparent pricing models. We believe that two heads perform better than one.

We have fully developed offshore capabilities and create measurable and meaningful strategic value by leveraging our expertise, experience, fully developed low cost delivery model & cultural excellence.

Globe Outsourcing LLP legal team has a pool of almost 15 meritorious professionals which include experienced and highly talented legal and para-legal team. We attract the best and brightest attorneys in the industry, and conduct continuous training in accordance with the codes of professional conduct and ethics. We allocate dedicated team to each client to ensure quality, and cost effective. They are well conversant and fully trained in Global Legal System and with the various technology driven tools required in the industry. Together, Globe Outsourcing LLP has both the cutting edge technology and the human skill to fully support the legal processes cost effectively and in a time bound manner while ensuring the highest level of quality.

In the era of digitalization, physical barriers across the national boundaries have been eradicated. This has resulted in large scale movement of goods and services across these boundaries. The world has been transformed into a huge digital economy where exchanges are taking place on a daily basis. The concept of ‘outsourcing’ emerged as a result of this global phenomenon.

In the nascent age of the digital economy only semi-skilled work was used to be outsourced to various emerging economies. But today in the current decade not only semi skilled services but also professional services are being outsourced to the above emerging economies. Among the professional services which are being outsourced vary from financial, accounting, medical to a wide a variety of legal services.

Now coming to legal process outsourcing, it is basically the industry in which in-house legal departments or organizations outsource legal work from areas where it is costly to perform, such as the United States or Europe to areas where it can be performed at a significantly decreased cost, primarily India and other Asian countries. Currently, it is considered to be the most cost effective, consistent and efficient channel for providing legal services which ranges from contract management, data analysis to document review and other diversified services which as an industry is expected to grow @ 28.7 % per annum in the coming decade.

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