Managed Document Review Services

Managed Document Review Services

Throughout the life of your matter, we listen to your discovery goals and work together to plan how to achieve them, from proposing workflows to using technology and planning production. Because we are able to manage all aspects of the review, we can ensure the highest level of competence for every professional involved with your case. We leverage our extensive project management experience and combine it with technological excellence to provide you with secure, seamless and cost-effective document review services.

As more and more data is stored electronically, eDiscovery teams need smarter ways to review documents. KLDiscovery’s document review services teams provide you with specialized document review attorneys to meet your case needs. We assemble review teams of experienced legal professionals for any type of case. Each team member is a qualified attorney who has passed a selective screening process and has received training from KLDiscovery review managers to ensure the most efficient and defensible review of your documents. We also provide document review managers with extensive project management experience to oversee the entire review process. These managers are trained to serve as an extension of your legal team, working with you as integrated partners.

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